Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello Monday

Hola my fellow readers!

I hope that you had a fantastic weekend. As for me I had an awesome one. Super relaxed and felt like a mini vacation. Just hung out by the pool and relaxed. Who doesn't need that and right about now it feels like I should be doing that again. Unfortunately its back to work week so that means lots are in stored.

Buddy (my dog) is feeling a lot better. His lump is gone which is fantastic. Hopefully it will stay gone. Have to pray for that one so we don't have to spend more money on a surgery. But whatever God's will is that's what He has in store for us.

I am going to be a busy bee this week. I had a meeting with the boss and had to fill up the whole schedule. I haven't had a schedule like that in the longest time. At least it is stuff I like to do which makes it that much easier. *Glance at Agenda book* I have done everything on the schedule with 3 minutes to spare! WHOOHOO! Now its time for Job #2.

I will be back to post some more. Keep a smile on your face by the time you blink it will be the weekend again!


Polly said...

Hi Friend. I love the title of your blog. You write so well. Good post. Stay sweet and SMILE!