Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Take a look and reflect.

Good afternoon.. well 15mins til the afternoon.

So I have been really missing my friends and family. Especially my mom since she is in Vegas celebrating her B-day. She lives about 4 hours south of me. So I don't see her a lot. But honestly I think I see her more than when I lived 30 mins away from her. Anyway as I was working on a project I remembered I hadn't done my devotion yet. Well I am doing a devotion called: living in ... The Active Word with Pastor Bob Coy. Can I tell you this devotion is absolutely AMAZING!! I am on Day 39 - Are We Better Off? 1 Corinthians 1:5 NKJV ....you were enriched in everything by Him. For those not sure what this is about it is about God and how we are enriched by everything He does in our life. Any ways Pastor Bob gives a couple of questions to ask ourselves about what God has done in our lives. These couple of sentences I just want to share with you:

"In fact, when we honestly examine our lives in Christ we have to admit that there isn't a single area of our lives worth keeping that He hasn't been enriching and improving. Take some time today and reflect on the goodness of God. Consider all He has done for you and in you. Remember the place He took you from and compare it to where He has brought you to today. Thank Him for the fact that He has enriched your life in everything. "

Really do this for yourself and you will just have such a humbling and joyful smile because the Lord has truly worked in your life. What an absolutely amazing feeling.

God Bless


Tim Clair said...

It really does make you stop in your track and see what lies ahead. God is truly amazing and if we all could just open our eyes and see what it is He has in store for us. Follow his word and guidance and let go of the past for it will not help your journey.