Friday, April 17, 2009

When God knocks on your heart you will know!

I can't even begin to tell you what has been going on in my life. It has felt as if my life is a bouncy ball. One day its up the next its down. Yet this year I am really coming out of the downs A WHOLE bunch better than I can ever explain. The only reason is because of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He is truly showing me what I need to see.

Today I woke up not feeling so well. Not sure if its because I am coming down with a little cold or if its because of my allergies. Which ever it may be I was just feeling like I am missing out. Should I have moved so far away from my family and friends. Am I really where I need to be where I want to be. Do you see the repetitive "I". There is a reason for that. It is not about me. It's about what God wants from me. Anyways I awoke from my nap very upset. And I prayed Lord I just want you to talk to me.

So I looked at my bible and said hmm.. Lets just go ahead and open it. Well I like to just skim through the pages and then just pick a page. This time I closed my eyes and just opened. And to my surprise I read Ezra 3: 1-6. However in my bible the New King James version was a page that talks about Zerubbabel. This is what I read:

"Sometimes God's ownership of a project is only recognized after our best efforts have failed. It is dangerous to think of God as responsible for the insignificant details while we take charge of the larger aspects of a project. Instead it is God who is in control and we only play a part in his overall plan. When God gives us important jobs to do, it isn't because he needs our help. Zerubbabel learned this lesson."

It goes on to talk about Zerubbabel's story. This is what just really made me just start to cry because I know God was totally talking to me:

"We do not know what Zerubbabel did during this time. His discouragement, following those first months of excitement and accomplishment, must have been deep. Those feelings eventually hardened into hopelessness. So God sent the prophets Haggai and Zechariah to be Zerubbabel's encouraging companions. They confronted the people's reluctance and comforted their fears. The work began once again with renewed energy and was completed in four years.

Zerubbabel, like many of us, knew how to start well but found it hard to keep going. His success depended on the quality of encouragement he received. Zerubbabel let discouragement get the better of him. But when he let God take control, the work was finished. God is always in control. We must not let circumstances of lack of encouragement slow us from doing the tasks God has given us."

I can't even begin to tell you how completely humbled I felt. I know what I need to do and not let my discouragement that I have placed upon myself get the better of me. God is in control and I know He will get me through this journey.


Tri Limit, Inc. said...

As always a very inspiring and reality check on oneself. As long as u continue to look up with your arms open God will comfort you,guide you,ask of you and best of all Love You.