Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Being a girl is no cupcake that's for sure!! Mmm a cupcake sounds good right about now. lol It's almost lunch time, so I am allowed to think about food. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. As for me it was pretty interesting. A very eye opener moment, or as I would like to think a HUGE reality check. Nothing bad, just a better way to look at life. Those days are always fun!!

As for now I have, as you can tell on the right, started twitter!! WHOOHOO!! I am a huge myspacer, and facebooker. Now I stopped liking myspace because it takes forever to log in, the ads are super annoying, and its a big hoopla. So I started using facebook more. My facebook has my family, and friends. Well now I jumped into the new adventure...TWITTER. At first I was confused and really didn't see the whole point. My husband and I are on it and its actually quite amusing. It's basically a facebook status update thing. I like it, and I am trying to get some friends on there as well.

OOoo on a even better note (Genie Story Time)... So my BFF's got the new Blackberry Bold 9000. I myself wanted the iPhone for i don't know maybe about 6 months. They had the iPhone said it was great but they wanted the Bold to stay in contact with their family since their family has blackberries they can all talk and it is free (instant messaging type of thing) Their family lives in another country so, good point. I would want one too...Well my BFF told me to get the Bold. I was on the fence with that idea since I really wanted the iPhone... Come to find out the iPhone doesn't allow you to take pictures and send it or receive pictures..UMM hello!! you make a really cool phone and it can't do that function... hmmm in my book that's not very impressive! To say the least I have now fallen in love with the Bold and hopefully will be purchasing it soon. But not from AT&T... I used my genie software and found the best price on Amazon!! Yep that's right I used my software again!! whoohoo! Its about $100 less than AT&T. Go ahead and try out the software http://www.genieunlimited.com/. See if you can find a bargain! Good plug dontcha think?! haha

Well have a Terrific Tuesday! =)

God Bless.