Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunny Days....

Ok so its like 50 degrees outside, and hey well for Florida that FREEZING!! Ha ha. My allergies are driving me nuts. How fun is that?!? It's not at all. Sometimes I wish that I would wake up and BAM the allergies are gone.... but that's a Far Fetched Wish. Oh well.

I have to get things ready to start jump kicking my life back in gear but its one of those days you just want to lay back and relax. As you can see I am a huge procrastinator, but I am not in denial, so that's a plus.

Well I was just looking at my shopping genie to find prices on a Wii. Yep I have been wanting a Wii for about 6months. But with no money comes NO Wii. ha ha. But its nice to look at the pricing starting to decrease by like pennies. Ahh the shopping genie. This is a new tool that helps you buy things online. Its so easy to use. (Yes this is a plug!) There is no viruses attached to it, and it doesn't mess up the computer. Its just an easy toolbar instead of dragging to type up the store your looking for on google, then try to find the search button and then type it up, scroll through the products until you find the right one... well you know the drift. With this tool you just type the item on Google, Yahoo, Msn...(any major search engine). The shopping genie pops up. You click on the store it supplies to you and TADA you see your prices. Easy, easy, easy! Don't believe me try it for yourself. Whats even better you can see a demo of the product.

Here is the link:
I promise you won't be disappointed. Hmmm what else can I plug today. LOL. Just kidding. Thats a pretty good plug if I do say so myself.
Busy busy day ahead for me. Work, Work, Eat, Work, Sleep. How fun, but on the bright side it's the middle of the week so its almost Friday!! Although I am a procrastinator, I do have to say I am an OPTIMIST! Glass always half full!! =)

Enjoy your day, and smile. "If you see someone without a smile, give them yours."