Thursday, February 5, 2009


Good Morning!!

I woke up freezing today! It is 35 degrees out right now and the wind chill of 25!! WHAT is that about!! This is Florida not Antarctica. Don't get me wrong I love the cold weather but this is even cold for me. My friends would be in shock if they read this.

I have had a busy busy morning. Which had been totally awesome! I overcame a Huge deal today and that just made my day. The Lord is really working in my life and I feel extremely humbled and blessed. Joshua 1:9.

So its about 9 more days til Valentines Day! Whoohoo. What do I get for someone I have been with for about 13years. He's already stuck with me! Lol. I have a couple things in mind but I will have to look and compare prices. Even though I was told NO VALENTINES this year!! I never listen. ha ha.

Its better to give then to receive!

Hope everyone has a sunshined filled day! =)